Definitions for "Moulding"
The act or process of shaping in or on a mold, or of making molds; the art or occupation of a molder.
Anything cast in a mold, or which appears to be so, as grooved or ornamental bars of wood or metal, or sculptures.
A plane, or curved, narrow surface, either sunk or projecting, used for decoration by means of the lights and shades upon its surface. Moldings vary greatly in pattern, and are generally used in groups, the different members of each group projecting or retreating, one beyond another. See Cable, n., 3, and Crenelated molding, under Crenelate, v. t.
The chocolate is poured into moulds, then they are turned so that only a fine coat of chocolate (the shell) remains. These shells are subsequently filled, closed up with a layer of chocolate, and finaly cooled.
process of passing dough through a moulding machine prior to filling into baking tins.
Placing chocolate in moulds to obtain a moulded chocolate "shell" that is then sometimes filled with one or several unique fillings before being sealed with another layer of chocolate. Also chocolate moulds can be totally filled with chocolate to create a solid chocolate item like our milk, dark or white chocolate frogs.
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a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied.
Shaping soft clay by pressing into a mould.
The shaping of a baby's head by the birth canal during labour.
contoured projection around an arch, window or door
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Casting silver in a mould to create an entire object or piece to be applied later.