Definitions for "Mosquitoes"
Keywords:  gibbs, fuzzy, sharp, dots, spatial
A reference to a form of distortion that occurs after video compression. Mosquitoes appear as patterns of fuzzy dots that often appear around sharp transitions in the image. This effect is more formally known as the Gibbs Effect.
A term referring to the fuzzy dots that can appear around sharp edges (high spatial frequencies) after video compression. Also known as the Gibbs Effect.
Radar equipped blood sucking insects that typically reach the size of small birds.
Annoying and potentially dangerous, mosquitoes are small winged insects that carry disease and inject chemicals that cause you to itch. They thrive in heat and humidity and are out en force in rainy, summer months. They will travel up to 65 kilometres just to bite you, and their mouths are designed to slip right through your flesh! Wear insect repellent on your clothes as well as your skin when you are outdoors to avoid being bitten.