Definitions for "Mortise"
Keywords:  tenon, stile, slot, recess, rectangular
A cavity cut into a piece of timber, or other material, to receive something (as the end of another piece) made to fit it, and called a tenon.
To cut or make a mortise in.
To join or fasten by a tenon and mortise; as, to mortise a beam into a post, or a joist into a girder.
Keywords:  ickel, mortice, alike, lock, electro
adj. Pertaining to a method of installation in which only the face plate and trim is exposed. The lock case is installed in a pocket in the door or drawer.
Same as mortice, see above entry. ickel Plated An electro plated finish applied to most of our keys to give a bright finish and help against corrosion. ass Also known as 'Keyed Alike'. If you are ordering more than one lock you may have all the keys open all the locks. The opposite of keyed alike is 'To Differ'.
An elaborate machining process for special entry sets called a mortise lock.
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See kerning.
Placing one element (text, photo, artwork) so it partially overlaps another.