Definitions for "morpheme"
The smallest unit of meaning of a language, which cannot be divided into smaller parts carrying meaning; it is usually smaller than a single wordform, such as the -ed morpheme of verbs in the past tense or the -s morpheme of nouns in the plural form.
The smallest grammatical unit. Words are built up of morphemes: e.g. cats = one free morpheme, cat, + one bound morpheme Keep this idea separate from syllable, word, and phoneme.
The minimal distinctive unit in grammar; the smallest functioning unit in the composition of words. Example: `names' consists of the free morpheme `name' and the bound plural morpheme `s'.
the minimal sign, un decomposable in a given synchronic state E.g.,retropropulseurs contains five morphemes.
Keywords:  affix, gender, suffix, function, ending
an affix (usually a suffix, or ending) used to change the function/number/gender etc
Keywords:  pronounceable, sound
a pronounceable sound
Keywords:  kind, smaller, divided, forms
a kind of form which cannot be divided into smaller forms