Definitions for "Morning Glory"
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starring Katharine Hepburn
a large cylindrical cloud that moves into the area around sunrise and evaporates in a few hours
An elongated cloud band, visually similar to a roll cloud, usually appearing in the morning hours, when the atmosphere is relatively stable. Morning glories result from perturbations related to gravitational waves in a stable boundary layer. They are similar to ripples on a water surface; several parallel morning glories often can be seen propagating in the same direction.
A sparkler variation of looser pyrotechnic composition on a wooden stick covered with paper. Also known as a flitter sparkler.
A sparkler variation of looser pyrotechnic composition in a thin paper tube attached to a wooden stick. Also known as a "flitter sparkler."
Describes a horse which works well on the gallops in the morning, but is unable to reproduce that form on the racecourse.
a racehorse that shows great ability on the home gallops when working in the morning, but who cannot or will not reproduce that apparent ability where and when it counts - on the racecourse in the afternoon
A horse which works fast in the morning, but fails to perform to expectations when racing in the afternoon.
Intercourse imediately after waking up.
This occurs the morning after a really good one-night-stand. You wake up sporting morning wood, and instead of getting up and going to the bathroom, you ram into your partner's ass and relieve yourself inside her. Experts can take it a step further and attempt this on their (soon to be ex-) girlfriends. - Matthew A, Bryan W, Tony O, & Tommy K, Texas
resurrection, mourning, youth, farewell, brevity of life, departure, mortality..
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any of various twining vines having funnel-shaped flowers that close late in the day