Definitions for "MORE"
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More is a film directed by Barbet Schroeder, released in 1969 starring Mimsi Farmer and Klaus Grunberg, dealing with heroin addiction on the island of Ibiza. It features a soundtrack written and performed by Pink Floyd, released as the album Music from the Film More.
The best known version of the song was recorded by Perry Como on May 8, 1956. It was issued as a single (RCA Victor catalog number 20-6554 on 78rpm, 47-6554 on 45rpm in the U.S., HMV POP-240 in the UK) and reached #4 on the U.S. charts and #10 on the UK charts. The flip side of both releases was Glendora.
MORE are a Metal band from Italy.
The comparative degree of too much.
Greater; superior; increased;
Greater in quality, amount, degree, quality, and the like; with the singular.
Making Officer Redeployment Effective. The COPS MORE grant program provides law enforcement agencies with funding to purchase technology and equipment and to procure support resources (including civilian personnel). Grants cover up to 75 percent of the total cost of technology, equipment and/or civilian salaries for one year. The COPS MORE program is designed to expand the time available for community policing by current law enforcement officers through time savings.
Making Officer Redeployment Effective; a DOJ-funded initiative.
English statesman who opposed Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned and beheaded; recalled for his concept of Utopia, the ideal state
MORE is an outline processor application created for the Apple Macintosh in 1986. Some of the most influential outlining programs, including Think Tank, Ready!, And More, were written by Dave Winer. The company that made these products, Living Videotext, merged with Symantec in September 1987.
To display information a screen at a time, so you have time to read it. When the screen is full, more pauses. To tell it to show you more, press the spacebar. To make more stop, press q.
Displays output one screen at a time.
Used to display files, one page at a time. From the man page: More is a filter for paging through text one screenful at a time. This version is especially primitve. Users should realize that less(1) provides more(1) emulation and extensive enhancements.
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"More" is the theme from the Italian movie Mondo Cane, from 1962.
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Additional; other; as, he wept because there were no more worlds to conquer.
That which is in addition; something other and further; an additional or greater amount.
In addition; further; besides; again.
Mojave Offroad Racing Enthusiasts organization. For more information on races and rules, visit the official MORE site.
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With a verb or participle.
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bark of the purau-skirt for dancing made of the same bark
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A hill.
A serving of food, whether altered or not, contains a nutrient that is at least 10% of the Daily Value more than the reference food. The 10% of Daily Value also applies to "fortified", "enriched", and "added" claims, but in those cases, the food must be altered.
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More is a stop motion short film created by Mark Osborne in 1998.
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A basic human need, based on Discontent.
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More is a brand of cigarette directly marketed to women, with a dark brown (rather than the traditional white) wrapper.
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See Second Guess
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Masters Of Reverse Engineering
Appears at the bottom right of a Banner form and indicates more windows for this form.
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more browse or page through a text file
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A root.
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To make more; to increase.
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Create –more– condition