Definitions for "Morbidity"
Morbid quality; disease; sickness.
Amount of disease; rate of sickness.
The percentage of a herd, flock etc., that becomes infected by particular disease.
The frequency of the appearance of complications following a surgical procedure or the other treatment.
Postoperative pain and complications attributed to surgery.
The development of complications. total non-interference by attendants. All childbirths are in some form or other, “unnatural”. The term is used loosely, meaning different things by different people.
In medicine, epidemiology and actuarial science, the term morbidity can refer to
The quality or state of being morbid.
the quality of being unhealthful and generally bad for you
(as in second site morbidity) Refers to trauma to tissue surrounding the area from which the patient's own bone is removed for transplantation into another part of the same patient's body
The probability of disability of a life or group of lives.
Morbidity is the product of the annual frequency of a particular event and the average claim when such an event occurs.