Definitions for "Montage"
A combination of related pictures, parts of pictures and/or pieces of copy appearing as one. See also: Collage. to top
The process of making a composite picture by bringing together into a single composition a number of different pictures or parts of pictures and arranging these to form a blended whole.
A single image formed by arranging together several photographs or images from various sources. A composite picture created by bringing together a number of different, but related, pictures or pieces of copy in a single blended composition. See also COMPOSITE DOUBLE BURN PHOTOMONTAGE
A series of short scenes , often used to show the passing of time, or the process by which something is done. In screenplays, the individual scenes within a montage sometimes don't use scene headers , but rather list each action on a separate line.
Creating a dialectic by juxtaposing two contrasting or conflicting scenes; the combination of scenes is more powerful than either single scene alone; creates a sense of time and space; (much more than just an editing technique).
Rapid sequence of video shots assembled to communicate a particular image or mood.
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the term applied to the testing variables and their order on polysomnogram paper or a computer monitor, such EEG, EOG, heart rate, and so on.
Montage is the term related to the testing variables and their order on polysomnogram paper or a computer monitor, such as EOG, BPM, EEG, and so on.
The particular arrangement by which a number of derivations are displayed simultaneously in a polysomnogram
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Montage is an album released in 2006 by New Zealand operatic singer, Yulia.
Montage is the second compilation album by saxophonist Kenny G. It was released by BMG in 1993.
a great way to share all your favorite photos with your guests at your upcoming wedding, retirement party, anniversary party or birthday celebration
a series of childhood photos of the bride and the groom growing up
a slide show of photos with a musical score
A memetic transference device which contains the entire body of information which makes up any given meme.  Montage type can mutate memes to fit its storage and replication methods.  From Farhenheit 451  = Montag, the primary character, & carrier of a meme..
the stored representation of a saved Montage Desktop, including the states of all the objects it contains. (Note the use of lower case, to distinguish Montage metafiles from Montage, the program.) Unlike the Windows Registry, there may be any number of montages, each corresponding to an alternate view.
Montage is a web photoalbum that can be run on any platform supporting J2SE
a distinctive way to entertain friends and family and it is something that will last for future generations
a collection of objects that form a unified whole