Definitions for "Monotype"
A print (but one impression can be taken) made by painting on metal and then transferring the painting to paper by pressure; also, the process of making such prints.
Often considered a 'painterly' technique, this involves painting on a smooth surface and transferring that painting onto paper, usually, but not always, with the help of a press. Since the surface is smooth and does not hold ink in any repeatable way, each print is as unique as a painting.
A one-of-a-kind print made by painting on a smooth metal, glass, plexi-glass or stone plate and then printing on paper. The pressure of printing creates a texture not possible when painting directly on paper. Will have a number 1/1 in pencil on the print to indicate it is a unique piece of art.
A kind of keyboard-operated typesetting and casting machine that makes and sets separate characters.
a two-part system that composes and casts single letters into justified or unjustified lines, the first part being a keyboard that punches holes in a spool of paper tape, and the second part being a caster that uses the tape to govern the metal casting of the individual letters and lines
The trade name of a particular typesetting machine invented in 1838 that casts individual letters and assembles them in a block of type, according to instructions produced on a paper tape by the operator at his keyboard. A Monotype is a typesetting machine that is more versatile than Linotype and better suited to complicated copy, such as mathematical equations. However, it is slower and more expensive to operate than Linotype. As a result, Monotype is seldom used for setting solid text. Like the Linotype, it has lost ground to methods of photocomposition. See also LINOTYPE MACHINE-SET TYPE
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Having but one type; containing but one representative; as, a monotypic genus, which contains but one species.
The only representative of its group, as a single species constituting a genus.
A genus with one species or a family with one genus. In general, applied to any taxon with only one immediately subordinate taxon of one of the principal ranks. (McVaugh et al. 1968. Regn. Veget. 56: 17; ICBN). Comment: Although a nomenclatural term, the word has little to do with the typification process, but only the state of various taxa after their description, and often temporary at that. Monotype has been interpreted (Korf and Rogers. 1967. Taxon 16: 20) as an implied holotype.
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Montage Mortise
A computer printer that creates one letter at a time.