Definitions for "Monograph"
A written account or description of a single thing, or class of things; a special treatise on a particular subject of limited range.
A treatise on a particular subject, such as a biographical study or a study of the works of one writer. A highly detailed and thoroughly documented scholarly study or report written about a particular subject or limited field of inquiry. See also NON-FICTION UNIVERSITY PRESS
A single title, dealing systematically and in detail with one subject or class of subjects.
A published research report about a dietary supplement or class of dietary supplement that includes information regarding category, pharmacology, precautions, side effects, patient consultation, and general dosing information.
a written description of particular elements on an identified topic
a written document (i
An essay, of any length, devoted to one topic.
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The entry in USP or NF for a specific raw material or product.
a major contribution on a specific area to technical literature related to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's scientific and technical activities
compound object that has a hierarchical structure, such as sections, chapters, and pages.
a basic statement about relationships of organisms