Definitions for "Monocoque"
A type of body structure that derives its strength and rigidity from the use of thin, carefully shaped and joined panels, rather than from a framework of thick members. Also called "unit" or unitized construction.
A method of construction in which the skin carries the whole or the greater part of the main loads; applied particularly to fuselages.
It is a type of body structure which allows the use of thin, carefully shaped and joined panels instead of a thick framework
A design of a vehicle's body where a single shell has the engine and suspension attached to it in various places to spread the load evenly over the whole shell. Holes are cut only to install the engine and allow the driver to get into it. Otherwise it is completely closed. Also called "unit" or " unitized construction."
The driver's "car insurance". Means "single shell" in French. The safety cell made of carbon fibre composite which forms a protective shell around the driver. It is surrounded by deformable structures which absorb energy in an accident.
The single-piece 'tub' where the driver's cockpit is located. The car's engine is located behind it and the front suspension on either side at the front.
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This means the entire skate (boot and runners) is manufacturered in one solid piece. This can produce a lot more stiffness in the skate, which may or may not be good, depending on your skating style and purpose.