Definitions for "Monitoring"
The orderly collection, analysis, and interpretation of resource data over time to evaluate progress toward meeting management objectives.
Management's regular assessment of the quality of internal control.
The systematic process of collecting information on clinical and non-clinical performance. Monitoring may be intermittent or continuous. It may also be undertaken in relation to specific incidents of concern or to check key performance areas.
Observing and noting specific details, e.g., particular aspects of the growth of plant's in an experiment; the farmer's use of specific varieties or types of cultivation in specific areas.
an observation, evaluation and recording of performance to provide advice and enhance future development.
The authorised observation, by qualified personnel, in order to report on a clearance or demining activity, without taking responsibility for the quality or effectiveness.
Monitoring is the exercise carried out to measure key data and enable the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions to be determined.
Area-wide analytical monitoring of chemical contamination.
The process of measuring certain environmental parameters on a real-time basis for spatial and time variations. For example, air monitoring may be conducted with direct-reading instruments to indicate relative changes in air contaminant concentrations at various times.
Each institution and sponsor receiving AHP advances or subsidies is monitored to ensure compliance with program objectives.
Activities to check patients' health status during a trial. Also, activities to oversee the progress of a trial to ensure a researcher's compliance with the protocol and regulatory requirements.
The overseeing of a clinical trial to ensure it is performed under strict applicable regulatory requirements.
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We have used this term throughout to include any activity that measures the status of a pest within a population. Monitoring more usually is aimed at assessing changes in the prevalence or behaviour of a pest but includes checking for continuing absence, for example DOC monitors for absence of pests on islands.
closely tracking or recording pest activity, density, and location.
using various techniques to check for the presence and concentration of phytoplankton and/or toxins that have be related to harmful algal blooms
Tracking system to ensure measures are in place to identify and communicate performance achievements and plans. Based on existing frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard, as well as on client-specific frameworks. Data is processed using Compass Pilot system.
Continuous research which regularly measures the change in some indicators. Similar to tracking.
A process of checking a programme regularly to find out how far it is implementing according to plan.
periodic collection of data to study changes in an environment over time.
An entity, part of the end-to-end reconfiguration management system, corresponding to the process that monitors the environment collecting sufficient statistics, Monitoring Data (MON_DATA), to update the environment model used to decide if reconfiguration is needed. This entity can be distributed across the network (terminal, core network) so we distinguish between Monitoring Terminal Side (MON_TS), and Monitoring Network Side (MON_NS). Distribution depends on where the environment statistics are collected, where the reconfiguration decision is taken etc. These parts communicate for transferring "monitoring data" by means of the Reconfiguration Management Network Interface (RC_MGMNT_NETIF). To monitor equipment physical resources the Resource Monitor (MON_RSRC) entity is defined.
The processes through which a Venture Capitalist firm will closely monitor the performance of the business until exit is achieved and take remedial action to protect its interests whenever necessary.
Monitoring a discussion on iCSP means that whenever replies are received to a monitored discussion, you can receive an e-mail notification containing a link to that reply.
the repeated censusing of a species, suite of species, natural community or other feature of interest.
Monitoring is repeated surveying or counting carried out to determine whether populations are increasing, decreasing or stable, or whether their range is expanding, contracting or stable.
the repeated measurement of an indicator over time and space with the intent of detecting change.
Devices used to perform monitoring, controlling, and/or supervisory functions, at a distance as opposed to on site.
In our context, the frequent estimation of serum estradiol (or perhaps estimating the cervical score) and performance of transvaginal ultrasound to estimate how close a woman is to ovulation. See also: serum LH See also: serum progesterone
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The use of sampling and detection equipment to determine the levels of radiation or other toxic materials in land, air, or water.
(Machine Safety) The verification of system components to detect failures or faults of any part of the monitored system that could affect the performance of safety-related functions.
SiteScope is a monitoring application for systems and services. Monitoring means to poll, test, or check systems and services in your Web environment automatically and at regular intervals to verify operation and availability. SiteScope records each monitor run, or test, and records the data for viewing with reports. If an error or fault is detected, SiteScope can take action using alerts to notify you of the fault and in some cases to try to remedy the fault automatically. SiteScope includes a large number of monitor types for both passive and active monitoring. A number of SiteScope monitor types provide active monitoring capability by simulating the actions of a client.
Products, systems and services for the monitoring of environmental standards and conditions, both directly and remotely. Examples include monitors and instruments (products), continuous emissions monitoring systems (systems), and installation and maintenance (services).
Periodic or continuous sampling to determine the level of pollution or radioactivity.
involves periodically or continuously watching or testing to collect information.
Conducting studies to determine the: presence, extent, or relative condition of wildlife and plant resources following an initial inventory or studies; and success of land management activities.
An on-going process of reviewing a program's activities to determine whether set standards or requirements are being met.
An examination of the status of the activities of a supplier and of their results by the acquirer or a third party.
Monitoring is a snapshot of the quality level in the production area, which is executed according to a checklist in a two-week interval.
Monitoring is a quality function used within contact centers to assure quality communications, coach and counsel telephone agents and identify opportunities for operating and marketing improvements.
Total solution quality control for the textile industry.
An electromechanical device that provides a visual, audible or graphical signal that is used to monitor a specific function. In pregnancy it usually refers to an electronic fetal monitor.
here: patrolling, making sure nobody crosses a border illegally
The gathering and storage of information and data (e.g., the status of HVAC equipment, facility electrical consumption and demand, indoor and outdoor temperatures).
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The action of listening to a mix or a specific audio signal, or watching events/images on a computer monitor.
Listening; usually the term is used when recording a sound.
The listening in of calls from a remote location, often without the agent or other party aware that the call is being monitored
One of five components of internal control according to the COSO Internal Control Framework The means through which the control process is monitored and improved via modification.
Being able to "barge in" on what a user is doing on their computer. This can be done with and without the user knowing that this is occurring. Usually done for training purposes.
The act of creating and managing Lessons and Learners in Lessons
The sending of alarm, trouble, and other signals to a remote location such as a Central station.
the process by which the grant-giving organisation establishes whether individual grants are being spent as intended.
to carry out independent, periodic verification of processes to confirm that all the parameters of those processes are maintained within the specifications defined by the process procedures.
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Scientists keep watch on the speci...
In the accounting context, the comparison between planning (budget) and actual results. Monitoring is essential to provide early warning of problems or to show trends.
Ability to capture the information exchanged on a line in high-impedance without disturbing communications.
Seeking and receiving information for the purpose of reporting on a subject or situation.
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to watch and care for a stream on a regular basis.