Definitions for "money order"
Keywords:  payee, check, draft, drawn, convenient
Financial instrument, issued by a bank or other institution, allowing the individual...
A document for use when you don't have a checking account. You pay the bank or post office the amount you want the money order made out for, plus a fee. The amount is then printed on the money order.
A financial instrument backed by a deposit at a certain firm such as a bank that can be easily converted into cash.
Keywords:  payee, postal, payer, facility, prepaid
a document purchased at a postal facility for the transmission of funds between a payer and payee
a form of payment that can be used by its purchaser to pay bills or other financial obligations or to purchase goods or services worldwide
a prepaid negotiable document purchased at a postal facility for
a better payment method for sellers who do not accept electronic funding (but funds using either method are difficult to recover if you encounter fraud)
a safe and convenient way to transfer funds
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