Definitions for "MONARCH"
A person engaged in reigning. Formerly the monarch ruled, as the derivation of the word attests, and as many subjects have had occasion to learn. In Russia and the Orient the monarch has still a considerable influence in public affairs and in the disposition of the human head, but in western Europe political administration is mostly entrusted to his ministers, he being somewhat preoccupied with reflections relating to the status of his own head.
A sole or supreme ruler; a sovereign; the highest ruler; an emperor, king, queen, prince, or chief.
Superior to others; preƫminent; supreme; ruling.
A very large red and black butterfly (Danais Plexippus); -- called also milkweed butterfly and monarch butterfly.
large migratory American butterfly having deep orange wings with black and white markings; the larvae feed on milkweed
a flying insect with large scaly wings
The picturesque backdrop of the France's Northern Basque Country is hardly the first thing that springs to mind when one hears the music of Monarch. As an avalanche of feedback-drenched riffs come slowly, slooooowly down on top of you, shrill cries screech out like a murder of crows. Somewhere amidst the muck, drums pound out a distant funeral beat.
These envelopes are the same size as a #7-3/4 envelope, but have a larger (sometimes pointed) flap. They are often used for formal personal correspondence. See our Commercial Regular page for more detail
Open side, diagonal seam envelope with pointed flap. Made only in one size: 3-7/8 x 7-1/2.
Paper size (7" x 10") and envelope shape often used for personal stationery.
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A patron deity or presiding genius.
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The first and senior (10-oar) boat to pass in the Procession of Boats on the Fourth of June. It is usually stroked by the Captain of the Boats, and crewed by senior boys who help administer internal rowing.
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an egoist by nature, the egoist par excellence
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a moustache that rules the rest of the face
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One superior to all others of the same kind; as, an oak is called the monarch of the forest.
Monarch is a manufacturer of swimming pool pumps, salt chlorinators, filters and other pool equipment.
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a role, rather than a single person
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a sole, single authority