Definitions for "Moksha"
A technique of transcending the senses to bring one to release; also, release itself. It is the name of the fourth permissible goal of life.
total release from narrow self-centeredness in the knowledge of the unity behind diversity in the universe
Moksha is the ultimate goal of all human life. A release from the cycle of Samsara (reincarnation). The state of bliss achieved by living a life of religious devotion and moral integrity without any interest in worldly things. It might be many life times before moksha is achieved through the process of enlightenment.
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Moksha is a project of former Ozric Tentacles keyboard player Seaweed. The project pre-dates Seaweed's involvement with the Ozrics, with the self-titled debut album having been recorded in 1989. Trivia: The album was recorded in the London flat of Joie Hinton, another former Ozrics keyboard player.
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Moksha is a rock group from Chennai, India. Established in November 1995, they have also played a role in establishing the genre itself in India. Unlike most Indian rock groups, Moksha has written some original songs in addition to the covers they perform.
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