Definitions for "MOF"
"Meta Object Facility", CORBA interface describing a UML model, also see XMI.
See Microsoft Operations Framework.
Managed Object Format (MOF) is a compiled language created by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). MOF is based on the Interface Definition Language (IDL). You can use MOF to define static or dynamic classes and class instances. You place these definitions in a file that you submit to the MOF compiler, Mofcomp.exe. The MOF compiler parses the file and adds the classes and instances defined in the file to the Common Information Model (CIM) repository
Ministry of Forestry (Indonesia)
Ministry of Finance
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Macquarie Office Trust
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Magneto-Optical Filter
Multiple Order Form. A three part paper form used to place an order for a serial title or replacement issues. Orders are now handled entirely through the INNOPAC system. MOF's are no longer used.
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Maintain Our Forests
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Magnetic on Film.