Definitions for "Modulus of elasticity"
The stress required to produce strain, which may be a change of length (Young's modulus); a twist or shear (modulus); a twist or sheat (modulus or rigidity); or a change of volume (bulk modulus), expressed in dynes per square centimeter.
A measure of the ability of material to return to its original shape without any permanent deformation when stress is applied.
the slope of the stress-strain diagram which is used to quantify the relative stiffness of the material. Steep slopes represent materials that exhibit higher moduli of elasticity and flatter slopes, reduced moduli.
Keywords:  deflection, pounds, beam, panel, square
The pounds per square inch measure of a panel's resistance to deflection when loaded as a simple beam.
An engineering term used to describe a material's ability to bend without losing its ability to return to its original physical properties.