Definitions for "Modulo"
When integers are taken "modulo m", one neglects multiples of m and considers only the remainder. Therefore, 17 (modulo 5) = 2 because 17 = 5 x 3 + 2.
An arithmetic scheme in which the result is the remainder after division
operation related to division that returns the remainder: , so modulo . Symbol: or mod
la capacità di un materialedi resistere alla deformazione. E' normalmente indicato come il rapporto tra la sollecitazione applicata al campione, rispetto alla deformazione. A titolo di esempio, il modulo tensile è il rapporto tra la forza applicata e l'allungamento che ne risulta. (vedi: allungamento, sollecitazione)
Keywords:  nucleolin, sdic, pnas, omim, spermatid
Drosophila transcription factor which binds to the promoter of spermatid-differentiation gene Sdic and integrate meiosis and spermatid differentiation in the male germ line. (homologue of nucleolin) (More? PNAS paper | OMIM nucleolin)
Modulo is a simple tools that allow easy developpement and deployement of Modules. A Module is a simple, lightweight, re-usable software components. A platform hosts the different modules, and provides deployement and administration features.
The number that indicates the number of groups in a file. Typically, talking about choosing modulo is a good way to start a heated argument in a room full of technical types.