Definitions for "Modulator"
See Modem (Modulator/Demodulator).
This is the device which takes a baseband video signal and converts it into a Radio Frequency signal which can be received by a television set.
A device that converts a voice or data signal into a form that can be transmitted.
regulates, adjusts or adapts.
Compound which acts like a "volume control" to regulate a natural process in the body, such as receptor activity. NTI believes that Memantine is a modulator of the NMDA receptor calcium channel because it regulates the flow of calcium ions through the channel (see "calcium channel").
A pressure control or adjusting valve used in the hydraulic system of the automatic transmission. When the vehicle is under heavy load or full throttle, the modulator increases the pressure to hold the clutches in place. In a light load situation, the modulator reduces pressure to give smoother shifts. If the vehicle tends to stay in low gear, shifts with difficulty, or produces a white smoke, and has low transmission fluid or has leaked transmission fluid, you have a transmission problem. It may be cured by an expensive repair or by simply replacing the modulator. Also called " vacuum modulator."
a sort of valve
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One who, or that which, modulates.