Definitions for "Modular"
Units of standardized size or design, which can be arranged or fitted together in a variety of ways.
Units of a standard size, such as pieces of a sofa, that can be fitted together in a number of ways.
(1) Having dimensions which are integral multiples of a unit of length called a module; (2) in switching equipment, designed and manufactured in functional modules so that individual modules may be later replaced by newer versions.
Modular is a Web-development framework bringing component programming to Web. It also provide built in caching, config file parsing, Templates parsing, Sessions, CGI, and Database support.
Modular is a Web-development framework that brings component programming to Web. It also provides built-in caching, config file parsing, template parsing, sessions, CGI, and database support.
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A power supply that consists of numerous subsections, for example, an input module, filter module or power module. This type of power supply generally results in a lowering of MTTR.
A physically descriptive term used to describe a power supply made up of a number of separate subsections, such as an input module, power module, or filter module. Modular construction tends to lower the MTBF.
A modular synthesizer is one where the structure of the synthesizer isn't fixed. There are a variety of modules available which can be plugged into each other. Tradionally these modules were physical boxes, but they can now be emulated with software and patched with on-screen cables.
All line cords and handset cord are detachable and easily replaced by a consumer.
Applied to connection of a telephone line (mounting) cord to the telecommunications -- network via plugs affixed on the ends of such cords and jacks used to termination of premises station or inside wiring. (1) Modular telephone apparatus consists of mini-plugs and jacks that replace former plug and jack arrangements. These are broken down into three general phases: (a) Quarter modular -- the telephone mounting cord is equipped with spade tips on one end and a plug on the opposite end. The cord is hard wired in the telephone. (b) Half modular -- the telephone mounting cord is equipped with a plug on each end. (c) Full modular -- the telephone mounting and handset cords are equipped with plugs on each end.
Refers to equipment utilizing common components throughout making it easy to assemble, adaptable to future additions, and interchangeable within itself.
Structural elements that are interchangeable. Maximum flexibility in arrangement and size.
Modular describes a type of self-contained sensor in which the various components are interchangeable. Modular sensors offer more flexibility in sensing system design and revision. The disadvantage is higher per sensor cost.
Building elements that are plant-manufactured in predefined increments to exacting specifications that can be installed, moved, and reinstalled multiple times.
A standardized increment of measurements specific to a product. Modular cabinets are generally manufactured in 3" increments.
Permanent or freestanding fixture, used with pegs or shelves, also know as gondola and in-line fixture
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Modular Digital Multitrack
Is an architectural property of a program that indicates that the program is implemented as modules or chunks of code that are internally cohesive and loosely coupled to other modules. OSIDs facilitate modularity.
a factory-made home
Pre-fabricated at a factory, then moved to site and onto a permanent foundation (no under carriage, wheels, or axles).
Of or pertaining to mode, modulation, module, or modius; as, modular arrangement; modular accent; modular measure.
In DocBook, the splitting of large documents into several smaller document files. Each modular file can be treated as a small document, and they can be merged back together to form larger documents. See Chapter 22, Modular DocBook files for more information.
Modular interfaces enable field changeable conversion.
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A distinct pathway
A method utilized by Jaguar software to customize digital imaging systems to banking institutions.
Machine system where many separate stitching heads or head configurations are controlled by a central computer.