Definitions for "Modifiers"
Two digit codes that indicate services or procedures have been altered by some specific circumstance. Modifiers do not change the definition of the reported procedure codes.
Means to indicate that a service or procedure has been altered by a specific circumstance without changing the definition or code for the service
Two-digit numeric or alpha code; used with a CPT code to indicate that a service or procedure has been altered (e.g., RR indicates item is rented; 'NU' indicates item is purchased)
Substances added to ink that promote abrasion resistance, block resistance, pinholing resistance, adhesion, slip and film flexibility. Alternative Term: Additives
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See – Condiments.
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The Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys that can be held down simultaneously with a key or mouse button being pressed or released.
Communicate additional information about the drawing or tolerancing of a part.
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programming unit used to specify precise information to the command (e.g. port location, power level)