Definitions for "moderated"
Keywords:  forum, spam, suitable, topic, censor
having elements or qualities mixed in proper or suitable proportions; especially, made less severe. Contrasted with harsh.
Mailing lists can be moderated, meaning someone or some automated procedure assures the messages sent to the list are on topic. Mailing lists can also be partially moderated or unmoderated like Usenet newsgroups. This leads to a lot of unnecessary and undesirable postings as anyone who has read many newsgroups can attest. (8/97)
A newsgroup is said to be Moderated when there is a `moderator', a person who must approve all message before posting. The process will appear the same to you, but will explain why it might take some time before your message appears in a newsgroup. The idea is that a moderated is likely to have more useful content, devoid of spam and useless, off-topic posts.