Definitions for "modem"
An electronic device that converts electronic signals into sound waves, and sound waves into electronic signals, used to transmit information between computers by the use of ordinary telephone lines; also called modulator-demodulator; as, the latest modems can transmit data at 56,000 baud over a clear telephone line. The speed of transmission of information by a modem is usually measured in units of baud, equivalent to bits per second.
Short for modulator/demodulator. A modem modulates outgoing digital data into analog signals so they can be sent over copper phone lines, and demodulates incoming analog signals into digital.
Modulator/demodulator device that converts digital data to/from analog signals for transmission over analog facilities. Often provide additional capabilities as well. [ Read about Aware's x200 ADSL Modem
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Why Lawns Look Good
Modem is a fictional character in the DC Universe. He first appeared in Keith Giffen's Suicide Squad (2001) (2nd series) #2.
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(2006-02-16) Chris Limb
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the state of the grass after I use the mower.
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more details: NetLingo TM
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Modes Monochrome
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See TNC below.
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an incredibly slow way to drink from the information firehose.
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type Sets the modem type. Ignore this command. The only legal value is HAYES, and that is the default.
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what you use to log on to moustache sites on the Net
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