Definitions for "modeling"
Observing and specifying how something happens, or how someone thinks or behaves, and then mapping or demonstrating the process for others so that they can learn to do it.
The NLP process of studying living examples of human excellence in order to find the essential distinctions of thought and behavior one needs in order to get the same results.
Either acting as behavioral model for others, as when doing demonstration, or the process of making explicit the sequences of thoughts and behavior that enable someone to perform a skill or task. Modeling is the basis of both NLP and accelerated learning.
Designing and analyzing a mathematical representation of an economic system to study the effect of changes to system variables.
A representation of aspects of the behavior of a system by creating an approximate (mathematical) description based on theory or phenomenon that accounts for its known or inferred properties.
A common form of entertainment on Eversea. People have the ability to create simulations of complex model realities and share the results, typically by Picting. (sources: Reverie Nancy)
The creation of the illusion of space or volume through the gradation of tone.
Making a sculpture using a soft flexible substance such as clay or wax.
Representing color and lighting effects to make an image appear three-dimensional.
Demonstration of an action or desired response to provide the student with examples of the behaviour.
Demonstrating to the learner how to do a task, with the expectation that the learner can copy the model. Modeling often involves thinking aloud or talking about how to work through a task.
Demonstration of how to do a task so that the learner can copy the model. Modeling can involve thinking aloud or talking about how to work through a task.
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modus ponens modus tolens morphology
to develop a preliminary design of a product based on product specifications. The model is used to evaluate the product's viability and also serves as the pattern to complete the design.
Modeling is defined as The process of construction or modification of a model. (AIAA G-077-1998)
A process involving use of spreadsheets via a computer which provides reasonable answers to 'what if' scenarios. This is used primarily by magazines balancing the costs and productivity of multiple means to maintain or build circulation.
The technique of impressing a design in low relief without cutting the leather – usually done by hand with a modeling tool.
In psychotherapy, a technique in which the therapist shows the patient some effective ways of handling problematic situations.
A statistical technique that selects data from a customer database to explain customer behavior, helping to predict the likelihood of an action or response. See Data Modeling.
No runways or eyeliner here. Modeling is a crucial step in creating a virtual 3-D object.
in computer visualization, the processes of creating the data structures used to represent objects and scenes, usually using special-purpose software; distinct from the process of "rendering" to create images
The act of creating a model.
Duplicating certain functions of a chip to ensure that they operate properly.
the process of understanding the thoughts and actions that enable someone to accomplish a task excellently. The process of unpacking your own and others' conscious but especially unconscious strategies in order to duplicate the results achieved.
Using kinetic aspects of the life of another human being, often famous or heroic, as a source of inspiration and Iconic Fuel.
The activity of recreating the functions and aspects of a model. When a novice sales person watches an expert make a sales call, and then mimics the expert's tone and wording, he or she is exhibiting a modeling process.
Construction of programs used to model the effects of a postulated environment for investigating the dimensions of a problem for the effects of algorithmic processes on responsive targets.
3-dimension effects created by the use of changes in color, light, cross-hatching, etc.
a topic which is usually covered in a whole book (or at least several chapters thereof) and you can't expect anybody to sit down and recite the whole material here
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monetarist monetary policy
For ceramics, the act of sculpting a ceramic ware (or from which a mold can be made for reproductions).
the act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale)
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Modaling for the less skilled
Building objects in a 3-D environment based off vertices, edges, and polygons with xyz coordinates.
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a business, and your are only as good as your pictures because clients view hundreds of books and you want to stand out
The act or art of making a model from which a work of art is to be executed; the formation of a work of art from some plastic material. Also, in painting, drawing, etc., the expression or indication of solid form.
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The affect of light on the subject to show texture.
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serving as an example
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See model.