Definitions for "Model Year"
During September several manufacturers revise their model ranges and print new brochures. Prices and specifications may also change. The new models are then described as the following calendar year`s number. Sometimes the changeover is far from clearcut d
Usually defined as the year after the actual availability of a particular vehicle. For example, a car introduced in 1998 will usually be called a Model Year 1999 vehicle.
The vehicle manufacturer's annual production period. (eg., vehicles manufactured in January 1994 are considered to be part of the 1994 model year). If the manufacturer has no annual production period (e.g., the model year is not explicitly specified by the manufacturer for many vehicles manufactured for sale in foreign countries), the model year is considered to be the calendar year in which a vehicle is manufactured. For a vehicle modified by an ICI, the ICI's model year is the calendar year in which it modifies the vehicle.