Definitions for "MOCKUP"
In PressWise, a proof used to ensure the correct page numbers, orientation, and dimensions are used in the final printout of an imposition layout. A PressWise mockup does not include any of the text or graphics of the imposed page.
Mockup or comp is a piece that is handmade by a graphic artist to show others how the finished printed piece will look. It generally will be folded and bound the exact way the final piece will be done in production.
a graphic rendition of a website, it is not yet an html page)
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A full-size dummy of a car made of wood and clay, used for design studies.
See Dummy.
Alternate term for Dummy.
Keywords:  befree, codenamed, gnu, kernel, linux
Mockup is an open source desktop operating system, based on a modified Linux kernel with a GNU foundation and its own desktop environment, codenamed BeFree.
A scale-dimensional display model used in planning.
a full-scale installation of a proposed lighting system
a full-size model of an apparatus or structure.
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a quick prototype of your corset made according to the measurements you give (it is very important to provide accurate measurements) for you to try on and see and feel the fit prior to the construction of the real corset
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a sort of play box
Keywords:  isolated, portion, product, time
a portion of a product isolated in time
Sample of the input or output that contains actual data, shown during detailed design to users for their approval. 14.27