Definitions for "Mock-Up"
A model or sample item created by hand for evaluation, demonstration or testing. Also known as a "folding dummy" or "prototype."
A physical demonstration model, built to scale, to verify proposed design fit, critical clearances, and operator interfaces. [D04146] CSM
It is a full size replica of a car made of wood and clay. It is primarily used for design studies.
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A rough production example of a publication. Generally true to size, showing page by page text, photo, and artwork placement.
A rough sample to assist in understanding sequence of pages, finishing requirements etc.
The rough visual of a publication or design.
Most large jobs have a mock-up using production units or, occasionally, specially made components. Mock-ups are erected in Trent's yard or on site. Mock-ups for dynamic testing are built at a test facility, e.g. Taywood Engineering.
the creation of preliminary product packaging (brochures, video cassette boxes, product labels and boxes) for the purposes of filming/taping in order to meet production deadlines. Often a new product infomercial will be scheduled for completion before product package manufacturing has been completed. The product beauty shots are therefore filmed with mock-ups.
a high-fidelity representation of a web page that shows exactly what the page is supposed to look like
A preliminary layout of an article using cut-and-paste method to provide a representation of how the reprint may look. Some mock-ups may be provided in an electronic format, such as PDF.
A flat, non clickable, non functional, visual representation of a web page that is in the design phase. See also: comp, snapshot
a mental image picture a thetan knowingly puts up and says is there, but which does not consist of a "photograph" of the physical universe
a non-functional picture of the website that can be emailed to you as a
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a deemed-up point of safety
a teaching device that should involve interaction with the user
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a hand-made version to show what the final version will look like.
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Pages made to show how the book will appear. Usually does not include the text