Definitions for "Mocha"
A seaport town of Yemen, on the Red Sea, also spelled Mukha.
A variety of coffee originally brought from Mocha.
A flavoring made from an infusion of coffee or of a combination of coffee with chocolate or cocoa.
Mocha is a collection of tools and documentation to accelerate the development and deployment of OpenOffice components written in Java.
A tool to decompile Java byte codes.
Mocha is a Java decompiler, which allows programmers to translate a program's bytecode into source code. Although the source code produced by Mocha is seldom identical to the original source code (comments, for instance, are lost), it is often surprisingly close.
Painted design often a black or brown branching tree or fern on a colored slipped background. Also includes other designs commonly known as "cats eye," or "balloon."
Utilitarian earthenware vessels bearing tree- or moss-like decoration resembling mocha stone. The effect was created by dropping a prepared liquid mixture containing various ingredients, usually nicotine, stale urine, and metallic oxides, into the wet slip ground, whereby the mocha tea ramifies into the dendritic decoration. Produced from the late 18th to the mid 20th centuries. Today, the term mocha covers a braoder range of slip decorated refined earthenwares, not restricted to dendritic decoration.
a brown Mo
Mocha (Sp: Isla Mocha) is a small island in the western Pacific Ocean belonging to Chile. The island is approximately 48 square kilometers in area, with a small chain of mountains running north-south. It was regularly visited by pirates from the Netherlands and England.
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An Abyssinian weight, equivalent to a Troy grain.
Middle-East hair sheep, usually with the grain removed.
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soft suede glove leather from goatskin
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a buffy-colored dwarf mix
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Short for Cafe Mocha.
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Slang term for Caffe Mocha