Definitions for "Mobility"
The quality or state of being mobile; as, the mobility of a liquid, of an army, of the populace, of features, of a muscle.
Ease of location, a function of available transportation and of the individual traveler. Individuals who are "mobility-limited" are those for whom it is difficult or impossible to use traditional transportation facilities without assistance or without modification of those facilities.
Ambulation and transfer skills. The ability to get about.
The ratio of the carrier velocity to the applied electric field
is the ratio of the average drift velocity (attained between collisions) to the electric field strength (which produces the drift velocity).
The effective velocity that electrons flow through a given material
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Describes how wobbly a tooth is
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See Elemental Mobility.
in the context of innovation, mobility refers to the temporary transfer of skilled staff between industry and the research base, between regions, and between scientific disciplines, and to schemes to promote such transfers
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a double-edged sword
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For the purposes of the Sun Ray software, the property of a session that allows it to follow a user from one appliance to another within a work group. On the Sun Ray system, mobility requires the use of a smart card or other identifying mechanism.
a wireless network service provider
The subject of mobile/wireless.
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The mob; the lower classes.
a sales and technology oriented company
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See mobility managers.
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