Definitions for "Mobile Phone"
a wireless phone or cell phone is often referred to as a mobile phone. Initially, a mobile phone referred to a phone attached to a vehicle, which used the vehicle's battery and had an external antenna.
A cellular telephone that is permanently installed and integrated into the wiring of a motor vehicle. May be either hands free or hand held models. Also called a car phone.
Also called cellular phones, or cell phones. Operate on the mobile phone network (cell towers).
a cool gadget to play with, especially when I can run my favourite programming language (no
an indispensable gadget today so much so that we get restless when we are out of the network even for a while
a great asset in these circumstances
a great distracter to have on hand
a useful item to carry if you break down and need to call for assistance, but they can be a deadly distraction when driving
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a boon if you're late for a meeting or a romantic rendez-vous
a lifesaver when your transporation is something as unreliable as my own car, which broke down three times in three weeks this September
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a technological miracle
a powerful AWARENESS TOOL that can tell you the PRESENCE of somebody
a powerful tool of communication and considering the fact that mobile penetration in world is on an all time high and still growing, it can be used to reach out to people all over the world
a productivity tool, easing the work of keeping in touch with key people especially in the case of frequent travellers
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a worthwhile investment
a mental connection back to civilization and it can be an extremely unwelcome intrusion to those trying to have a 'wilderness experience'
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a better way of communication and conversation
a better way to do that, because it s
a excellent way to reap the benefits of multi-tasking
a fashion statement, not just a functional piece of telecoms equipment
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Create an Alert
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a consumer electronic
a disposable product -- consumers buy a new one about every year and a half, and toss the old one in the closet
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a good thing to have
a very personal thing
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a double-edged weapon
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a good addition for flexibility
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a very personal object