Definitions for "Moat"
Keywords:  ditch, castle, trench, dug, fortified
A deep trench around the rampart of a castle or other fortified place, sometimes filled with water; a ditch.
To surround with a moat.
A ditch surrounding a castle or fort with or without water. First line of defense.
Keywords:  motte, mural, mullion, towers
Motte Mural Towers
Motte Mullion
Keywords:  gap, snow, ice, posed, rock
The gap between snow and ice on a rock wall. Has posed problems ever since the middle ages.
the gap between snow and ice and a rock wall.
A ring of reduced precipitation and radar reflectivity just outside the eyewall of a tropical cyclone or between inner and outer concentric eyewalls. In many tropical cyclones, this is a distinct minimum of precipitation, with higher precipitation rates occurring farther from the center.
Keywords:  gutter
The gutter.
Originally a defensive feature, moats came to valued for ornamental reasons. A canal placed round a garden for decorative reasons can also be described as a moat.