Definitions for "MMORPG"
This is a simple RPG that is still in the planning/early dev stages, currently done is: player,monster,items Basic game/graphics engine coming SOON!
Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game ; i.e. WoW is one.
massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, such as UO, EQ, AC, etc.
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Stands for Mreally Mfreaking Ohuge Rwaste Pof Gtime.
Keywords:  unprepared, soe, absurd, wonder, bugs
a complex matter with many server/client relations where unprepared issues can occur but some of the bugs were so absurd that I started to wonder how the coding organization looked at SOE
Keywords:  gargantuan, ect, undertaking, lot, art
a gargantuan undertaking - it would require a lot of people (Art, programming ect) to even build one upon open source technologies
a persistant world
a user defined world
a virtual world where you can interact with thousands of other users, go on adventures and exist in parallel with reality
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a tennis court
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a waste of time