Definitions for "MMI"
Man Machine Interface MMS
Another term for an end-user interface.
huMan Machine Interface End User Computer Interface
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CEN/ISSS Workshop on Metadata for Multimedia Information
Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
the Materiel Management Institute is a Canadian non-profit organization offering professional development in the field of public sector materiel and supply management. The MMI can be found at
icroelectronics anufacturing nfrastructure
Maximum Medical Improvement.
Milliman Medical Index
Maximal medical improvement. Your condition is well stabilized and unlikely to change substantially in the next year, with or without medical treatment. Once you reach MMI, a doctor can assess how much, if any, permanent disability resulted from your work injury.
Motion Mode Interpolation. Eliminates scan lines and "jaggies" in Extron's line doublers.
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VME bus
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Messina Minerals Inc
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Modified Mercalli Intensity
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See Mutual Mortgage Insurance.
Mutual Mortgage Insurance. A contract that protects a lender in case a borrower defaults on a FHA mortgage. If you have a loan that's insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you'll be required to give monthly payments for MMI. So, if you default on a loan, the lender has two ways to get their money back — sell your property or ask for repayment from the FHA, which will use the money collected from MMI.
Mutual Mortgage Insurance. Negative amortization
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mucous membrane irritation.
Money Management International
Money Market Instrument
this is a device (such as a keyboard) that enables people to use a computer.
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Major Market Index