Definitions for "mixer"
simple Tcl-based Audio Mixer for FreeBSD
any device used for mixing.
an electronic device for blending or manipulating sounds from different sources to produce a composite soundtrack, for an audio recording, video recording, or a movie.
The combination of mixer head, mixer throat, and mixer tube. Mixer Head. That portion of an injection type burner, usually enlarged, into which primary air flows to mix with the gas stream. Mixer Throat. That portion of the mixer which has the smallest cross sectional area and which lies between the mixer head and the mixer tube. Mixer Tube. That portion of the mixer which lies between the throat and the burner head.
The portion of a burner where air and gas are mixed before delivery to the burner ports.
A device used to mix gases for better combustion. It is necessary when using most neon burners and torches to produce a flame hot enough to melt glass.
a nonalcoholic beverage (such as fruit juice, club soda or ginger ale) added to an alcoholic beverage to produce a mixed drink.
club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
a beverage (often carbonated) that is added to a drink
A themed party between a fraternity and sorority.
Sorority and fraternity members meeting together socially to get acquainted.
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A light pocket hit in which the pins ricochet on the pin deck for a strike.
A ball with action that causes the pins to bounce around.
A ball that hits the pocket lightly, causing the pins to spin and ricochet, often resulting in a strike.
(r) a machine that incorporates and disperses compounding ingredients into rubber to form a mix or a compound through the action of mechanical work (shear).
a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods
a kitchen appliance for mixing, beating, kneading, and whipping
A person who has social intercourse with others of many sorts; a person viewed as to his casual sociability; -- commonly used with some characterizing adjective; as, a good mixer; a bad mixer.
a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
a machine used for blending the constituents of concrete, grout, mortar, concrete paste, or other mixtures
Equipment used for mixing or blending the materials used in the manufacture of concrete, grout or mortar.
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a single body tap that mixes hot and cold water in the body of the tap, rather than in the bath or basin
A reservoir for storing and heating hot metal from a blast furnace before it is sent to subsequent production steps. Its purpose is to maintain consistency in the composition, variation, and temperature of the hot metal.
Turbofan engines often feature an exhaust mixer, where the bypass (cold) air is mixed with the core (hot) exhaust gases, before exhausting to atmospheric pressure through a common (mixed flow) propelling nozzle.
a piece of toy for them and must be instantly usable, without any attention for the manual instructions book
Chiropractor who uses physical therapy and other natural treatment methods in addition to manual manipulation of the spine.
an indispensable tool for baking
a very flexible video production tool
an inexpensive addition to your setup and will allow you to greatly improve your stream or recording by allowing you to use several mics at once
A machine for mixing materials.
a machine that plugs into your existing Karaoke player
A function that provides 16-channel control over volume, tone, panning, effects, tuning, and expression. Offers the versatility of a stand-alone mixer built right into the keyboard.
a something I am earmarking money for, but I have more pressing costs at the moment
a social gathering, game, or dance organized to provide an opportunity for people to meet each other; as, on the first night of the conference they had a wine-and-cheese mixer.
a great opportunity to interact with more students from other schools
a component that allows you to connect all your instruments, and peripheral equipment to your tape recorder
an essential piece of equipment for such operation
a Line which itself holds multiple lines
the combining (object) of more/multiple media tracks into few (usually one). Detailed description
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A ball with a lot of action.
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a bit more than I am willing to carry around
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One who, or that which, mixes.