Definitions for "Mistral "
A violent and cold northwest wind experienced in the Mediterranean provinces of France, etc.
A cold, dry wind from the North or North-West, common on the Mediterranean coast of France.
(northwesterly from central France to Mediterranean)
A one-person sailboard known by its brand name and used for men's and women's events in the Olympic Games.
A one-person sailboard known by its brand name and used for male and female events in the Olympic Games.
Mistral is a casual script typeface designed by Roger Excoffon for the Fonderie Olive type foundry, and released in 1953. Excoffon based the look of the typeface on his own handwriting. The stroke have a graphic quality similar to brush and ink.
The Mistral (L9013) is an amphibious assault helicopter carrier of the French Marine Nationale, the fourth vessel to bear the name, and lead ship of her class.
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A plain-weave dress material, made with nub yarns.
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Bomb Damage Assessment
Mistral is a high-level imaging engine for J2SE. It has been designed as an abstraction layer over the real imaging engine, which can be chosen from some of the most popular , thus allowing the programmer to focus on the algorithm without wasting time on implementation details.