Definitions for "Mismatch"
A defect produced from a mold whose parts are not in register. Generally a break or step in a supposedly continuous surface.
(r) a defect resulting from differing cross-section dimensions in adjacent mold halves.
Misalignment of the edges of two lights of glass in laminated glass or in insulating glass units.
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To match unsuitably.
A mismatch shows when there is a difference in maturities of funds borrowed and funds invested. A mismatched book occurs when short and long positions do not complement each other. See Matched Book.
A term used in RF systems to describe the situation when two devices having different impedances are connected to each other. Mismatches cause excess signal losses and other problems.
In sequence alignment, the existence of different bases in a homologous position in the two sequences.
Unconventional base pairing (other than C with G, and A with T or U). A mismatched base pair has lower bonding energy and decreases the stability of the DNA molecule.
A position in a double-stranded DNA molecule where base-pairing does not occur because the nucleotides are not complementary.
(1) Maturity mismatch: a difference between the interest rate maturities of a banks assets and liabilities. (interest rate risk) (2) Mismatch of amounts raised and lent in a particular currency. (foreign exchange risk).
an RPF failure, which can be rate limited if this feature is enabled
A mismatch occurs when the remaining term of rate sensitive assets in a portfolio differs from that of rates sensitive liabilities. An interest rate exposure results since a change in interest rates affects income earned by a Financial Institution on loans and interest paid on deposits.
A situation where the patterns on wallpaper do not line up evenly from one strip to another.
The inaccurate relation between a record and the item to which it refers.
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when a particular offensive player is far superior to the defender marking him.