Definitions for "Miscue"
A false stroke with a billiard cue, the cue slipping from the ball struck without impelling it as desired.
a faulty shot in billiards; the cue tip slips off the cue ball
Mis-hitting the cue ball, usually caused by lack of chalk or trying to strike the cue ball too close to the edge of the ball. oney ball: The ball, that when pocketed, wins the game.
To make a mistake;
a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
A mistake by the DJ or production engineer resulting in two audio elements being played at the same time, eg an interview and the next song.
An error in translating written words into spoken or subvocal words which can take the form of a substitution, omission, insertion, or repetition of a word.
any substitution of a word in a text that a reader makes.
Keywords:  drama, sports, saying, proper, fail
to fail to execute a necessary or expected action at the proper time, such as making a play in sports, or saying one's line in a drama.
a deviation from text during oral reading or a shift in comprehension of a passage.
A decoding error in reading.