Definitions for "Mirliton"
Keywords:  chayote, squash, pear, tawn, ham
same as chayote{2}.
(Mirl' a tawn) Pear-shaped vegetable, cooked like squash and stuffed with ham, shrimp and spicy dressing
A hard-shelled vegetable pear with edible innards, it is cooked like squash and stuffed with either ham or shrimp and spicy dressing or smothered, like cabbage, also ham or shrimp. It is native to Mexico where it is called Chayote squash.
Keywords:  reedy, kazoo, hums, toy, sings
A kind of musical toy into which one sings, hums, or speaks, producing a coarse, reedy sound. It is also called a kazoo.
a kind of toy pipe which produces harsh musical sounds