Definitions for "MIRACLE"
An act or event out of the order of nature and unaccountable, as beating a normal hand of four kings and an ace with four aces and a king.
A wonder or wonderful thing.
An event or effect contrary to the established constitution and course of things, or a deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural event, or one transcending the ordinary laws by which the universe is governed.
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a landmark debut LP from a band who couldn't catch a break in a record industry filled with dimwits who literally made it up as it went alone
Miracle is a concept album credited to singer Céline Dion and photographer Anne Geddes. It was released on October 11 2004. Miracle is Dion's 12th English album and 32nd in total.
"Miracle" is the third single from Whitney Houston's third album, I'm Your Baby Tonight. The song, written and produced by L.A. Reid and Babyface, and is about a girl who had an abortion but later feels she made a mistake.
an intriguing novel that falls a little flat at the end, but still worth a read
an intriguing novel that falters a little at the end
a film of absolute and beautiful abandon
Miracle (2004) is an American biographical sports film about the United States men's hockey team, led by head coach, Herb Brooks, that won the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics. The USA team's victory over the heavily favored Soviet team in the medal round was dubbed the Miracle on Ice. Miracle was directed by Gavin O'Connor and written by Eric Guggenheim.
Keywords:  story, abounding, joy, lyrical, legend
A story or legend abounding in miracles.
a fast paced story with enough twists and turns to keep our readers up late into the night
an abundant, lively and lyrical story, filled with joy and hope
a pop gem a marriage of the above inflences with an injection of Chic
Miracle makes Celtic or "Scottish" jewelry, jewelry using ancient Celtic designs and stones such as agate. The Miracle pin pictured above is made with agate stones.
Keywords:  love, shift, mom, kids, soccer
an authentic change of fear into love
a shift in perception from fear to love
a single mom working two shifts and still taking time to get the kids to soccer and dance practice
Keywords:  parable, enacted
an enacted parable
Keywords:  causeth, admiration, work
a work that causeth Admiration
a token of a saint's veracity, and as such cannot be manifested by an imposter
a recommended do-it-yourself workbook addition to self-help, self-improvement bookshelves
an inexplicable phenomenon that occurs and leaves stunned those who experience it
a materialist's idea of how to escape from materialism
Keywords:  invasion, latter, former
an invasion of the former by the latter
Keywords:  norm, deviation
a deviation from the norm
a contradiction, but in the Christian mind-set, it is possible
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To dream of seeing, or hearing about a miracle signifies a great future ahead.
A magical moment of awareness of receiving and/or experiencing exactly what is needed for the greatest good of all concerned.
a sudden accumulation of coincidence
Keywords:  consciousness, changed
a changed consciousness
a correction factor introduced into false thinking by me
Keywords:  everyone, industry, read, interest
a must read for everyone with an interest in the industry
Keywords:  chance, win, losing, him, pot
When a player who has a high chance of losing, receives the one or two cards which allow him to win the pot.
Keywords:  beginning, ending
a beginning and an ending
Keywords:  play
A miracle play.