Definitions for "Minty"
Sometimes refers to an aroma from certain Cabernet Sauvignon wines grown in warm climates.
A nice aroma in some aged red wines.
Cabernet Sauvignon grown in a warm climate can have this smell.
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Minty is a 1998 Australian / British comedy television series, in which Australian actress Angela Kelly appeared in the dual roles of Minty and Melanie (an Australian girl and an English girl who are identical in appearance).
Minty is a Pony in Hasbro's line of My Little Pony toys. She has had many variations through the years, and has been in two of the three Pony lines. (Referred to as 'Generations' by collectors.)
Mint flavor or undertone that is added or a naturally occurring trait.
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Synonymous with "Mint."
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One and the same with "Mint."