Definitions for "Minimum data set"
A federal form nursing homes must fill out to assess residents' health status.
The MDS for nursing facility residents is a comprehensive resident assessment instrument that measures functional status, mental health status, and behavioral status. Under federal regulation, assessments are conducted at the time of admission into a nursing facility, upon return from a 72-hour hospital admission, whenever there is a significant change in status, quarterly, and annually.
A government mandated screening and assessment form for Medicare- and Medicaid-certified long-term care (nursing homes) facilities in the United States. This form is completed within 14 days of admission of a resident to the facility, quarterly and when there is a significant change in the resident's status. An annual update is also required. The information collected in the MDS is used in planning the care of the resident.
Collection of data conducted each year of services in receipt of CSTDA funding and consumers of these services. This collection has been constructed around returns from service providers on consumers accessing their service on a snapshot day.