Definitions for "MINIMALISM"
A form of musical composition pioneered by Glass, in which the same musical figure is repeated many times before changing to another figure only very slightly different. This figure is in turn repeated many times and so on ad infinitum.
A twentieth century art movement and style where the main idea is to reduce images to the lowest degree of simplicity in color and form. The Minimalist movement was a reaction to Abstract Expressionism.
nonrepresentational style of sculpture and painting, usually severely restricted in the use of visual elements and often consisting of simple geometric shapes or masses. The style came to prominence in the late 1960s.
compositional style which develops melody or harmony by the least steps possible
A contemporary style marked by steady pulse, simple triadic harmonies, and insistent repetition of short melodic patterns.
Term describing a late 20th century style characterized by the slowing down of musical processes through the repetition-with-variation of short fragments.
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An action-based and task-oriented approach to documentation. It emphasises what users should do and it avoids swamping readers with information that is not relevant. The central principle is task-orientation. Brevity is a key element, but only because it can aid task-oriented activity. Minimalism has nothing to do with producing thin manuals by omitting vital information. The term was coined by Carroll in the early 1980s. He states the basic principles as: Choose an action-oriented approach. Anchor the tool in the task domain. Support error recognition and recovery. Support reading to do, study and locate.
A trend in design where clothes are stripped down to their most basic elements. A look characterised by simple forms and basic colour schemes. Payal Jain, for example, says she espouses a minimalist look.
a captivating, intoxicating individual
Judicial minimalism refers to a philosophy in United States constitutional law which promotes itself as a moderate viewpoint.
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Minimum Terminating Impedance Mini Plug/jack