Definitions for "Minimal"
under California law describes the severity of a pain as an annoyance; of "minimal," "slight," "moderate," and "severe."
A term that is used to describe themes that are low on resource use and occupy very little screen "real-estate". These themes are often driven by hotkeys and popups.
Music created with the lowest degree of instrumentation possible.
"Minimal" is a song by British synthpop band Pet Shop Boys and is featured on their 2006 album Fundamental. It was released 24 July 2006 as the second single from that album in the UK, entering the UK Singles Chart at #19 in the first week of its release (see 2006 in British music). It was their 37th Top 20 hit in the UK.
In a partially ordered set, a minimal element is one that does not follow another in the ordering. This is not to be confused with minimum...see maximal for analogy.
Of, pertaining to, or having a character of, a minim or minimum; least; smallest; as, a minimal amount or value.
the least possible; "needed to enforce minimal standards"; "her grades were minimal"; "minimum wage"; "a minimal charge for the service"
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is an adjective, as in "minimal risk"; minimum is a noun, as in "the acceptable minimum."
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A minimal is a problem wherein White has only his King and one other piece.