Definitions for "Mini DV"
Mini DV is a video cassette designed for use in Mini DV digital camcorders. The picture quality of digital video (DV) recorded on a Mini DV cassette is basically identical to the quality of DV recorded on a Hi8 or 8mm cassette by a Digital8 camcorder. However, Mini DV tapes are tiny — literally pocket-sized — which allows for greater portability. Mini DV tapes are available in lengths of 30 and 60 minutes (plus, recording in LP mode lets you extend total recording time with a 60-minute tape to 90 minutes). Mini DV tapes usually cost a bit more than 8mm or Hi8 tapes, and aren't always as easy to find.
Most digital camcorders record video and audio on a Mini DV tape. The ...
1/4-inch digital tape format.