Definitions for "Mineralisation"
The conversion of nutrients from an unavailable organic form to a more available inorganic form.
Conversion of an element from an organic form to an inorganic form. Mineralisation of pesticides most commonly refers to the microbial degradation to carbon dioxide as a terminal metabolite. See also immobilisation.
Conversion of soil organic matter through microbiological and chemical processes into inorganic crop nutrients.
the presence of a target mineral in a mass of host rock.
is the presence of various minerals in the soil, such as iron, magnetite, hematite, aluminium oxide etc. These minerals can cause false signals in your detector. Hot ground is a common term used to describe areas of soil that have a very high degree of mineralisation.
Many fossils are formed when parts of a decaying organism are replaced by minerals in the sediments where it died. These chemical changes are known as mineralisation. See also fossilisation.
The concentration and process of metals and their chemical compounds introduced within a body of rock;