Definitions for "MINE"
To dig a mine or pit in the earth; to get ore, metals, coal, or precious stones, out of the earth; to dig in the earth for minerals; to dig a passage or cavity under anything in order to overthrow it by explosives or otherwise.
To form subterraneous tunnel or hole; to form a burrow or lodge in the earth; as, the mining cony.
To dig away, or otherwise remove, the substratum or foundation of; to lay a mine under; to sap; to undermine; hence, to ruin or destroy by slow degrees or secret means.
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A rich source of wealth or other good.
To dream of working in any kind of a mine predicts eventual wealth through your own efforts.
127] To dream of being in a mine, denotes failure in affairs. To own a mine, denotes future wealth. [127] See Coal Mine.
Belonging to me if I can hold or seize it.
Belonging to me; my. Used as a pronominal to me; my. Used as a pronominal adjective in the predicate; as, "Vengeance is mine; I will repay." Rom. xii. 19. Also, in the old style, used attributively, instead of my, before a noun beginning with a vowel.
An old way of saying "my".
mine - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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lay mines; "The Vietnamese mined Cambodia"
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See Mien.
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a funny story
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a member of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the University of Cincinnati
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a Terrible Thing to Waste" and "No News is Good News"
a wasting asset that gets depleted over time
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A subterranean cavity or passage
Chamber, usually inside a needle or between the upper and lower leaf surfaces, that is created by the feeding of a caterpillar and that often is occupied by it; when a caterpillar eats tissue from the inner needle or leaf while reaching below the surface or while occupying a hollow where the tissue has already been consumed.
a square which when occupied triggers a combination example
Mine is a fictional novel written by American author Robert R.
a letter to second Latitude 's on the responsibility of rendering assistance while underway
a hostile environment
an aggressive environment to electronic equipment and as such only the best quality equipment can perform under the special conditions of e
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a fire-and-forget tool that is very difficult to pick back up from the other side of a map
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"I'm going for the loose ball"; but a better choice is leave, leave or player's name ball
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a finely tuned process
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Another type of tube device that propels single or multiple shells into the air that break into varying colors, effects and noises.
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Underground opening used to mine a deposit.
A planet which has large quantities of mineral resources, yet insufficient food resources to support its population.
Expression used to indicate that the contacting party is willing to buy at the rate offered by the quoting bank.
Medical Improvement Not Expected.
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a green one like that
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(âë. Land-mine)
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See Mining Act R.S.O. 1990 section 1.
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a working on a property or claim(s)