Definitions for "Mind map"
a graphic organizer, which will ease some of the "messiness" associated with the Engaged Learning process
a method used to unlock the hidden ability of the human brain with the use of graphics
a powerful graphic technique that harnesses words, images, numbers, logic, rhythm, color and spatial skills
A visual presentation of the ways concepts can be related to one another.
a visual representation of a grouping of thoughts in your mind that are related or associated to each other through a central topic. Example: You are starting a writing project about hydrogen powered cars. A mind map would have "hydrogen cars" in the center and related thoughts around this central topic would be "price", "technology", "storage", "delivery methods", "threat to oil industry", etc. According to many, mind maps were popularized by Tony Buzon - for more information.
a device that represents a concept in both verbal and
a free form diagram made up of circles, triangles, boxes and arrows
a graph that in a vivid form represents the structure of semantic connections between particular components of the learned knowledge
a multicoloured and image centered radial diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of learned material
a list in your mind to remind you the necessary things you have to do before you start your travel
an effective revision aid for all age groups and abilities
a good method for helping a learner to present her current theories
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a design which enables you to present complex
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