Definitions for "Militia"
In the widest sense, the whole military force of a nation, including both those engaged in military service as a business, and those competent and available for such service; specifically, the body of citizens enrolled for military instruction and discipline, but not subject to be called into actual service except in emergencies.
Military service; warfare.
"Private, unpaid local citizens, both armed and unarmed, to serve in the time of natural disaster or civil defense."--description supplied by the Michigan Militia. Traditionally, an armed citizen's self-defense group.
Local law enforcement body. Maintains law and order and enforces the judicial rulings of the Prefecture.
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(Latin) warfare, service in war.
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Consolidation of militiamen
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a militant group
The concept of the militia in the United States of America is a complex one. The term militia can mean any number of groups within the United States.