Definitions for "Milestones"
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Milestones is an album by Roy Orbison released in October of 1973 on MGM Records.
Milestones is an album recorded in February and March 1958 by Miles Davis. It is renowned for including Miles' first forays into the developing modal jazz experiments, as noticed on the piece 'Miles' (renamed 'Milestones'), which would be followed to its logical conclusion on Kind of Blue. Furthermore the exuberant playing of his superb sextet, which featured the adept Cannonball Adderley and the mercurial John Coltrane dueling musically on such tracks as "Straight No Chaser", have induced it to be highly regarded by jazz musicians, fans and critics alike.
"Milestones" is a song written by Miles Davis. It appears on the album of the same name in 1958. It has since become a jazz standard.
A type of OVI providing indications for short and medium-term objectives (usually Activities), which facilitate measurement of achievements throughout a project/ programme rather than just at the end. They also indicate times when decisions should be made or action should be finished.
Subprojects into which a project is broken up (to be able to monitor development progress and adhere to deadlines. milestone stabilizations: while there may be some freedom to make changes to the design of an evolving product, there is a need to adhere to intermittant milestone deadlines. [see Cusumano & Selby, p.415)
Milestones are markers used to track progress along the path to achieving a specific goal. Milestones are specific, measurable, time based, realistic, and within the individual’s control.
are significant points along the continuum in this curriculum framework that have relevance to assessing a learner's attainment: they help identify the learner's literacy and numeracy skills at the most appropriate of these points.
Deal in which investors would only release funds in increments, based on the venture reaching mutually agreed-upon milestones. Also called Benchmark Deal.
An especially stable version is known as a milestone. Historically, Mozilla milestones have appeared every 6 weeks or so, but after the release of Mozilla 1.0, this period has been extended to 18 weeks or so.
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A quick run down on Aki's life thus far
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a free online support program for people who are taking MERIDIA
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See Non-Course Milestones.