Definitions for "Milestone"
An event or accomplishment marking a significant advance in an endeavor; a notable achievment; as, putting a man in orbit was a major milestone on the way to the moon.
an activity with zero duration (usually marking the end of a period.)
A point (there may be many of them) on the project schedule at which the project team assesses progress and corrects deviations from scope, specifications, or other issues. A project may have interim milestones for internal use only, as well as external or major milestones, typically at the end of major phases of work, that are associated with the completion of major deliverables.
A stone serving the same purpose as a milepost.
stone post at side of a road to show distances
a marker in your schedule
a thing invented by a grown-up about twenty years ago to make sure that programmers (in those days, fragrant hippies with bits of cheese and mice in their beards) quit sucking on bongs long enough to actually finish programming a game
An important achievement or success that occurs while a design is being developed. For example, the invention of the telegraph was a milestone that allowed the invention of the cell phone.
a certain point your child reaches in development buy a certain time
a critical procedure in any iterative incremental development process
a point in development where the emerging game will have an agreed upon set of features and assets
A contractual target that must be met by the company. Often used by investors as a condition for releasing further amounts of financing (see paragraph 2, Section IV above).
a stable build within the development cycle of a release
A benchmark that indicates that an outcome is being attained.
Another word often used for indicator.
marks the boundary between sections of a text, as indicated by changes in a standard reference system. Attributes include ed (edition), unit (page, etc.), and (new value).
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A point in development when a task or set of tasks have been completed that effect one or more artifacts.
The expression refers to network planning systems. Beginning and end of the series of activities which are ranked in the relationships diagram.
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a simple date or time within the business process
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a special type of service